Fearless Surrender.

The Say Yes Project was established because of the fearless heart of a woman named Laura, who said “Yes” to the Lord’s prompting to rescue fatherless children from the California Foster care system. With an empty bank account and a broken-down foster care system, she faced her Goliath head-on and called her ministry “Home Sweet Home on the ranch.” Her plan: “Adopt as many orphan children as possible. God put big dreams in my heart and together we can change the world one orphan at a time!”

 It would have been easy to throw a few dollars here and there to meet some immediate needs for Laura’s family, or say “No, I don’t think now is a good time to become very involved.” But we felt prompted to do something in the affirmative. An answer of “not right now” just wouldn’t suffice. Laura said “YES,” and she has taken in orphaned children and is giving them a good and loving home. She has shown them what unselfish love is, what family is, who God is and has given them something they have never had before. So we said, “the least we can do to help this family is to SAY YES as well… “Yes, we will help this mother and other parents who want to rescue orphans and show these precious children the love of a family.” This is how Sayyesproject.org was born.

 Unfortunately, the pay rate for being a foster parent is quite insufficient; it barely covers rent, food, and clothing for the children. If a foster parent wants to adopt, the funds drop drastically, causing the family added stress. The Say Yes Project exists to help these loving foster/adoptive parents to be able to say “YES! I will give you a forever home.”

Sayyesproject.org helps families who choose to rescue and adopt orphans in these ways: First, by assisting with financial needs and second by offering encouragement and prayer to these precious families.

Say Yes Project uses its funds wisely by limiting the expense of doing business and second by eliminating any salaries. In addition, the principles of Sayyesproject.org are both monthly donors who have made all contributions “whole” by covering all administrative costs personally.

Please consider donating towards this project and/or becoming a regular supporter of Say Yes Project.