What We Do.

SayYesProject.org’s focus is on those who choose to rescue and adopt orphans and need financial and emotional assistance.

The initial assistance SayYesProject.org delivers fall into two categories: financial and emotional support.

Being a foster and adoptive parent can be a hard life.  Not only do the children have their own sets of emotional and physical issues, but there is the stress of how to manage when the “shoestring budget” is at a breaking point.  A prescription for an antibiotic of $200 that is out of the state-funded medical program can mean there is no money for food that week. A ceasing of payments from the state when a child or two is in-between the foster and adoptive program for 5 or 6 months can mean that the rent or the van payment can’t be paid.  These types of expenses can create so much fear in the foster/adoptive parent’s mind that they hear the unsavory whisperings that they shouldn’t even be a foster parent–that they can’t make it, that maybe they didn’t hear God right after all.

We at SayYesProject believe that we must help them by giving financially ourselves and asking others to help these precious families survive and stay intact.  God loves these children and we have seen time and time again his provision. We also believe that we must be there to give emotional support to help these parents by verbalizing how they are being the hands and feet of God by providing a loving and nurturing environment for his children.